andy berkeTake Time To Prepare For Oversee Vacation With These Tips From Andy Berke

You’re about to dive head-first into a foreign country where, to the best of your knowledge, help could be hard to come by. That’s the worst-case scenario of traveling aboard, but it can be mitigated with a few tips and a fair amount of planning beforehand. That’s why travel expert Andy Berke wants to share the many lessons he has learned from vacationing overseas; he’s experienced what works and what steps are worth your time. In this article, Andy Berke will explore some simple tricks that will help you get and keep your bearings after touching down in a different time zone.

– Cell struggles: As strangers in a strange land, you’ll probably want to fall back on Google Maps to get around. Problem is, your cell phone service will be a no-go without you incurring massive roaming charges. To work around this, you can use fold-out maps or download mobile phone apps. Some travel experts suggest programs such as OffMaps, Navfree and Galileo to get around. By downloading these in advance, you’ll be able to chart a course even without cell service.

– Terminals and train stations: Nothing can put plans on hold like a missed train or flight. If you expect to be deep in a county you’ve never visited and need to catch a mode of transportation, the worry surrounding making it there on time is of fair concern. Travel guide Andy Berke suggests having printed versions of your tickets handy as well as terminal layouts of the airport you’re flying into and out of. It can never hurt to have help desk phone numbers in advance.

– Work it out: Most people will be happy to point you in the right the direction if you ask; you can probably recall doing this for others who looked a little overwhelmed in your town. While there are translations apps for smartphones that will allow you to get the point across, Andy Berke says that a notepad and paper will also work well if you need to sketch out a map. Further, pointing and gesturing in general are a great way to indicate what’s wrong or in which direction you’re trying to head. Being polite and smiling goes a long way so give it a try when you need to find the bathroom.

According to Andy Berke, any vacation out of town is going to be an eye-opening experience. Following these tips is a great way to ensure that everything goes as planned at a period when you should be enjoying yourself and not worrying about getting to the airport.